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美国第一所公立大学, UNC-Chapel Hill is home to centuries-old traditions and experiences that connect generations of Tar Heels. 在过去的两个世纪, 很多事情都变了, but much of what it means to be a Carolina student has remained the same.

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mgm集团美高梅第一次开张的时候, the University’s well served as the primary source of drinking and bathing water for the students, 教职员工.

从那时起, 它经过了几次重新设计, including the addition of a structure based on the Temple of Love at Versailles in 1897. The current well — what we now call the Old Well — was constructed in 1954 using wooden columns, 大理石底座和铜屋顶.

Over the last six decades, the Old Well has become an icon for Carolina.



无论你在mgm集团美高梅校园的哪个角落, you can hear one of the most treasured Carolina sounds — the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower.

Besides being a great spot for graduation photos and a helpful reminder of the time on your way to class, the bell tower is the home of a 90-year-old tradition of the master bell ringers: Carolina students who oversee the bell tower’s operations and ring the bells on football game days and other special occasions.

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戴维杨树 tree has been keeping watch over Carolina students in Chapel Hill ever since the University opened its doors more than two centuries ago. The large tulip poplar tree located in McCorkle Place predates the University and is named after Carolina’s founder, 威廉·理查森戴维.

Legend has it that if the Davie Poplar falls, the University falls with it. Though the origin of the myth remains unknown, Carolina isn’t taking any chances. 小戴维杨树. was planted in 1918 to serve as the original tree’s heir.

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  • Photo of the Old Well's Button, roof, column and fountain.


    With historic buildings and picturesque landscaping, mgm集团美高梅的校园是标志性的, and some of the University's most beautiful spots are worth a closer look.

  • 一只蜜蜂飞过老井.


    Summer in Chapel Hill may be a bit quieter — and hotter — than the rest of the year, 而是在暑期学校上课, various summer re美高梅平台下载 programs and thousands of incoming students visiting campus for orientation, there is still excitement flowing through Carolina.

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    mgm集团美高梅的边界在哪里, 教堂山小镇——一个充满活力的小镇, 欢迎59人社区,000人-继续. From live music and eclectic dining to quiet trails and historic architecture, discover more about Chapel Hill and the surrounding area.

Carolina's campus is full of iconic structures and legends, but true 焦油脚传统 live on in the student life experience.

日常活动, 比如加入历史悠久的学生组织, keeping time with the rings of the Bell Tower or volunteering in the community, 沉浸在传统中.


Ever since Carolina’s first student organization was founded in 1795, Tar Heels have been exploring their interests outside the classroom. There are hundreds of opportunities to connect with fellow students, get involved in activities and develop your talents.

拥有900多个学生组织, you will find many ways to explore your personal and intellectual interests and embrace your passions for music, 表演艺术, 计算机编程, 环境, 创意写作, 学生会, 政治, 国际文化等.




20世纪80年代末, Carolina was the only team in the ACC that didn’t have a costumed mascot. 大学,当然,有 活动物拉美西斯吉祥物 that began attending football games in 1924, but not a mascot that could attend all games. The Carolina Athletic Association wanted to change that for the 1987-1988 basketball season.

When Eric Chilton first donned the Rameses costume, he launched a now-treasured tradition that Carolina students carry on today, 三十多年后.



成立以来, the University has been dedicated to serving North Carolinians from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Crystal Coast.

学生, 教职员工 dedicate thousands of hours each year to helping our communities by performing service projects and participating in outreach programs while also making community-changing discoveries and creating a better future for all of North Carolina through re美高梅平台下载.




  • 一个电视


    Fashion and technology may have changed over the years, 但不管在什么年代, 对于焦油脚跟来说,今天总是一个伟大的日子.

  • 皮质三角旗上有


    A belt worn by one of Carolina's most famous alumni, the hook that drew water from the Old Well and a concert button are all preserved in Wilson Library's Carolina Keepsakes online collection.

  • 美高梅平台下载的航拍照片.


    Have you ever heard of the Tin Can or the Scuttlebutt? Those words may bring back fond memories for some generations of Tar Heels, 但对于今天的学生来说, 他们是一个谜.

    Though much of the Carolina experience remains the same, take a look at how campus has changed through the years.